supybot plugin for seloger

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supybot plugin for seloger


This supybot plugin searches and alerts you in query for any new adds on the french website "".


See the plugin files.


Here is the result inside irssi:


This plugin relies on:

  • supybot
  • lxml
  • sqlite3
  • python2


Here is the commands list:

  • sladd <postal code> <min surface> <max price>: add a new search for you
  • sllist: list your active searches
  • sldisable <search ID>: remove the given search

This plugin replies you and sends you new adds in query.


This section explains how to install supybot (given that you already have git and the dependancies installed)

It might also be a good idea to create a dedicated user for supybot.

Here are the commands to create a supybot from scratch with this plugin:

$ mkdir mybot/
$ cd mybot/
$ supybot-wizard #answer the questions (install it in the default directory (./))
$ git clone plugins/SeLoger/
$ sed -i 's/\(supybot.plugins:.*\)/\1\ SeLoger/' *.conf
$ echo "supybot.plugins.SeLoger: True" >>*.conf
$ echo "supybot.plugins.SeLoger.public: True" >>*.conf
$ screen supybot *.conf

And it should work, however, some servers could kick the bot for excess flood (it sends a lot of messages, specialy when adding new search), just change this parameter inside your bot configuration file:

supybot.protocols.irc.throttleTime: <float value>